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Fellowships & Grants fron GWI

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Thank you to all of the exceptional applications submitted for the GWI 2022 round of fellowships.  Awards will be announced in April 2022. To learn more about the 2022 GWI fellowship winners, we invite you to click HERE.

The next round of GWI fellowship applications will open in October 2024. 

Education is the key to gender equality, economic promotion, better health and much more besides. Access to secondary, tertiary and continuing education is, however, still a distant dream for millions of girls and women. The fellowships and grants offered by GWI and its national affiliates support the research, study and training needed to open doors to quality higher and continuing education for women and girls throughout the world.




Hegg Hoffet

The Hegg Hoffet Fund assists graduate women who have been displaced as a result of war, political upheaval or other serious emergencies.



International Awards

Graduate Women International offers every three years, on the occasion of its triennum, a number of international fellowships and grants to women graduates for postgraduate research, study and training. The GWI 2022 fellowships programme is now closed. The next GWI fellowships programme will open in the fall of 2024 ahead of the 2025 GWI Triennium.




National Awards

Many of GWI’s national affiliates offer fellowships, grants, scholarships and stipends to women and girls for primary and secondary education, undergraduate studies and postgraduate research, study and training.




Fellowships & Grants Archive

 GWI’s fellowships programme makes it possible for women graduates to complete exciting research in many important fields. For example, they are analysing the impact of global trends on women and children, investigating women’s health issues and assessing educational subjects. Many are working in areas directly related to GWI priority interests. Their studies will have far-reaching benefits, for their own careers, and for the communities and countries from which they come.



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